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Directed by MEL BROOKS

(1974, Mel Brooks) “That’s FrankenSTEEN! hisses horror legend descendant Gene Wilder, in Brooks’ most stylish work, with Wilder and Monster Peter Boyle’s memorable “Putting on the Ritz” duet. Approx. 106 min. 35mm.

This film is rated PG.  Parental discretion advised.




"Mel Brooks's funniest, most cohesive comedy! Mr. Brooks sticks to the subject, recalling the clichés of horror films of the 1930's as lovingly as someone remembering the small sins of youth. Perhaps the nicest thing about Young Frankenstein is that one can laugh with it and never feel as if the target film, James Whale's 1931 classic that starred Boris Karloff, is being rudely used."
– Vincent Canby, The New York Times

"Brooks' most sustained piece of moviemaking - the laughs never let up!"
– Pauline Kael

"One of the funniest (and most quotable) movies of all time. A finely tuned parody!"
– Leonard Maltin