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(1969) Slow start: a debuting Dominique Sanda (then a model, later starring in The Conformist, The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, and 1900) jumps to her death – and then her bereft pawnbroker husband Guy Frangin narrates his search for Why? Bresson’s first adaptation of Dostoevsky and first in color.



"A geometric ballet of doors opening and closing, people exiting and entering, husband or wife turning down the bed covers, of objects or people moving into and out of the stationary camera... An eerie crystalline work, a serious affirmation within a story of suicide."
– Manny Farber

"At once the most frigid and most sensual of all of Bresson's films... The repetition and heightening of such sensory data as are ordinarily screened from our perceptions renders them ghostly and's last impressions before death, without the intervention of eschatology, reconciliation, or redemption."
– Molly Haskell, Village Voice

“A wonderfully lucid adaptation of Dostoevsky's enigmatic short story... Time was when Bresson's characters could look forward to salvation as a reward for their tribulations; but around this time the grace notes disappeared, his world grew darker, and the people in it – like this haplessly unhappy husband and wife – seemed doomed to a pilgrim's progress in quest of the secret which would allow the human race to belong again.”
– Tom Milne, Time Out (London)