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"While delivering strawberry-jam squibs, Michael Ironside, and a score of unforgettable set pieces, Total Recall mocks precisely the audience wish-fulfillment that a blockbuster entertainment like itself satisfies... Verhoeven’s blissfully ambivalent Bang! Pow! artwork has never reached a higher level than it does here."
– Nick Pinkerton, Village Voice
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– Jonathan Rosenbaum


(1990) "Consider that a divorce." Working stiff Arnold Schwarzenegger's Douglas Quaid dreams at night of Mars and a mysterious brunette, though blonde wife Sharon Stone would prefer a Saturn vacation. Money tight? No problem! A deluxe, adventure-packed two-week Martian holiday comes cheap, courtesy virtual memory implant specialists "Rekall" – and what could possibly go wrong? Well, suddenly people are trying to kill Arnold, he's un-married, he's not Quaid, he's pulling a ping-pong ball-sized device out through his nose, he's on Mars with rebels, mutants, and brunette Rachel Ticotin – or is this just another dream?

Adapted from sci-fi titan Philip K. Dick’s short story “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale,” both a twistful examination of the basic questions of identity and memory, and a succession of hair-raising escapes, multiple double crosses, and vigorous explosions, the high body count spiced with “Ahnoldian” wisecracks, vintage Jerry Goldsmith score, and Oscar-winning Visual Effects — in one of the last Hollywood blockbusters to employ mostly hand-made FX, along with some early, equally quaint CGI. Director Paul Verhoeven gave his seal of approval to this new DCP restoration. Approx. 113 min. DCP.


The new remake of Total Recall, starring Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale, opens nationwide on August 3.



"Time and hindsight have only enhanced Total Recall’s impact. The Martian mutants’ revolt against their greedy, resource-hoarding corporate overlords now brims with Occupy Wall Street overtones while the “consider that a divorce” gag carries weirdly poignant weight in light of Schwarzenegger’s recent separation from his real-life wife, Maria Shriver...  There’s something about Total Recall’s blend of vicarious thrills and troubling themes that still feels unique, a throwback from a time when giant Hollywood blockbusters were allowed to take risks, when they weren’t all sequels, rehashes, or remakes."
– Matt Singer, New York magazine
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****! [4 stars]
[four stars]
“Such bloody touches, and such casual cynicism—"Consider this a divorce," Quaid says coldly after blasting his wife through the head, a disaffected riff on Schwarzenegger's classic one-liners—push the film closer to the kind of playfully pitch-black comedy Verhoeven's made his stock and trade. Total Recall proves thoroughly Verhoevenian not despite, but precisely because of its inflated price tag and blockbuster accouterments, its irony and cheekiness burrowing down into the film's DNA—a deeper implant.”
– John Semley, Slant Magazine
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"A marriage between swashbuckling space opera and the ideas of the original story. Schwarzenegger could have stalked and glowered through this movie and become a figure of fun, but instead, by allowing himself to seem confused and vulnerable, he provides a sympathetic center for all of the high-tech spectacle."
– Roger Ebert

"Verhoeven's gusto, ingenuity and guts know no bounds... especially the guts: the comic-edged violence is shockingly brutal. The inspiration, as with Blade Runner comes from Philip K. Dick, and many of his themes recur: identity, self-determination, perception, and yes, we're talking about memories here, alongside a revolutionary parable, two great female characters, and some colossal effects."
– Tom Charity, Time Out (London)

"Melding the ever-more-workable Schwarzenegger mystique with a better-than-average science fiction premise, Verhoeven has come up with a vigorous, super-violent interplanetary thriller that packs in wallops with metronomic regularity."
– Janet Maslin, The New York Times

"SCI-FI ON STEROIDS! No director has been funnier (or smarter) than Verhoeven at satirizing end-of-the-millenium entropy; in Verhoeven's version of a technological society, the more things change, the more they get worse... A reckless orgy of pop nihilism and state-of-the-art slasher carnage, like a postpunk version of an Indiana Jones cliff-hanger."
– Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

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