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(1957) Chishu Ryu’s got two daughters at home, but not to marry off: scowling Setsuko Hara’s dumped her boozing husband, pregnant Ineko Arima is trying to track down her no-good boyfriend; and Isuzu Yamada, the wife/mother who abandoned them years ago, is.... still alive — and living nearby?! An Ozu change of pace, with one of the screen’s greatest train station farewells. Approx. 141 min. 35mm.



“One of Ozu's most profoundly modern works, sounding psychological and sociological
depths that Ozu never probed so fearlessly before or since.” 

– David Sterritt, Cineaste

“Retains an enormous dramatic power: with its shadowy downtown setting, populated by smoky mahjong parlors and Ginza bars, Tokyo Twilight feels like an entirely new milieu for the filmmaker.  And its evocative, almost sinister, landscape is matched with an intense narrative that has  the grip and eventual catharsis of classical tragedy… Lit by lamps, framed by dark, frosted windows and snowy exteriors, and largely characterized by nighttime scenes, it is, appropriately,  Ozu’s only postwar film to take place in the dead of winter.”
– Michael Koresky

“May well be Ozu's timeliest work… Resurfaces at a time when the lasting effects of a family's breakup upon children are being addressed more forthrightly than ever before. Ozu cherishes tradition but accepts the inevitability of loss and change, and is as all-embracing as Jean Renoir.” 
– Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

“This rarely screened, melancholy 1957 film, Ozu's last in black and white, is one of his best… Ozu makes superb use of background sounds such as ticking clocks and a boat’s motor to mark the passage of time.” 
– Fred Camper, Chicago Reader