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Plus short Rupture


(1962) Under family pressure, astronomy geek Etaix decides to find a fiancée, but is first perpetually sidetracked. Then even while he can’t get rid of a harddrinking brunette, he creates a shrine in his room to a Swedish chanteuse — a more than life-size cutout of her the centerpiece — but what is that monolingual Swedish au pair trying to tell him? Etaix’s practically dialogue-less performance in his first feature is an homage to silent comedy (particularly Keaton’s Seven Chances). Approx. 81 min. 35mm.


Plus short Rupture (1961): Etaix’s attempted “Dear Jean” letter reply is foiled by flying pen nibs, spilled ink, tilting desk, and finally his rocker. Approx. 11 min. 35mm.



“A shrewd and skillful fellow who, at last, does the enterprising thing of making a modern sound-film comedy in a distinctly silent-film style. Everything he does in the process, every gag he pulls, the simple plot of the screenplay and even the way he is got up is in the magnificent tradition of silent comedy.”
– Bosley Crowther, The New York Times

"Deliciously mordant."
– Kristin Jones, The Wall Street Journal