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Upper-class Miriam Hopkins is kidnapped by scuzzball Jack La Rue and -- what else? "Are you...?" "Did her...?" Adaptation of Faulkner's notorious Sanctuary, so shocking in its day it was attacked by the press even before release -- and still creepy. Print courtesy Museum of Modern Art. Approx. 70 min. 35mm.



“The last straw that almost single-handedly brought about the Code crackdown.”
– William K. Everson

“A model of pre-Code immorality... That a major studio undertook so disreputable an enterprise is an index both of Paramount's financial straits and the lure of the vice film as quick fix in the early 1930s.”
– Thomas Doherty

“This tale of a debauched Southern belle remains one raunchy movie – not least because Miriam Hopkins has the title role.”
– J. Hoberman, Village Voice