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Directed by Jehane Noujaim


From the director of CONTROL ROOM, the story behind the headlines of the Egyptian revolution. Following the 2011 overthow of a 30-year dictator, through military rule, and culminating in the forced military removal of the Muslim Brotherhood president in the summer of 2013, the film trails a group of Egyptian activists as they battle leaders and regimes, and risk their lives to build a new society of conscience.

US / EGYPT • 104 minutes • In Arabic with English subtitles

People’s Choice Award BEST DOCUMENTARY Toronto Int’l Film Festival   Audience Award BEST DOCUMENTARY Sundance Film Festival



“Puts you in the center of the action to the extent that the protesters’ passion is so contagious, it seems to leap off the screen and into your heart.”
– Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“As thrilling and urgent as a film can be, this documentary crackles with the velocity of history as it happens. The inside-out look at the popular uprising in Cairo’s Tahrir Square tracks revolutionary tremors from the intense perspectives of several characters… who unite in their desire for change, even at the risk of life and limb.”
– Steve Dollar, Wall Street Journal

“With the immediacy of a flash grenade, THE SQUARE captures a historical moment by inhabiting a political organism — the ongoing Egyptian Revolution, filmed for two years in and around Tahrir Square in a fashion that captures the passion and defiance of a movement from the inside.” 
– John Anderson, Variety

“A riveting firsthand account of the Egyptian revolution presented with remarkable immediacy and filmmaking skill.”
– James Greenberg, The Hollywood Reporter

“Let's cut right to the chase – Jehane Noujaim's epic, astonishing documentary THE SQUARE is easily one of the most complex, most nuanced, and frankly most important documentaries made about the ongoing political developments in Egypt. Heck, I'll go further, it's one of the finer historical documentaries I think that's ever been made, period… This is a film that will move you, will challenge you, and will make you think in entirely new ways. THE SQUARE is, quite simply, a modern masterpiece.”
– Jason Gorber, Twitch

“A crucial, immersive, and exhilarating tale of the fight against oppression, which proves that the Egyptian Revolution didn't end in 2011… Noujaim's intense, you-are-there observations of the passionate activists camping in Tahrir Square (including The Kite Runner star Khalid Abdalla, whose televised testimony to Anderson Cooper is enough to inspire some overturning of police cars) are more than just muckraking journalism. There's plenty of distressing and shockingly timely footage (some shot as recently as August) that is rarely-to-never aired by American news outlets, but it doesn't take a bullet or tear-gas pellet whizzing by the camera to frame the film as a provocative indictment of media negligence, and perhaps the limp inadequacy of the Occupy Wall Street movement.”
– Aaron Hillis, Village Voice