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(1980, Stanley Kubrick) “Heeeere’s Johnny!!” Struggling writer Jack Nicholson thinks isolation as the winter caretaker of the Overlook Hotel – with wife Shelley Duvall and son in tow – will crack that writer’s block, but as his horrific visions proliferate and the elevator fills with blood, it’s time for Duvall to get out the baseball bat.



"A radical distillation of its source novel's densely stuffed ghosts-and-gore imagery as well as a conflation of its hidden central theme of the true-life horrors of domestic abuse. The result is a film that, though it ignores almost every major spook-show episode in the novel (nope, no teeming wasp's nest here), enhances everything that's legitimately unnerving about King's book: the sour grin of a desperate middle-aged man contemplating his overwhelming vocational failure, the inability for families to truly forgive even speculatively accidental physical violence, and the eerie juxtaposition of snowbound isolation within a vast architectural agora, a place where you can hide but you can't run."
– Eric Henderson, Slant Magazine 

"Meticulously detailed and never less than fascinating, The Shining may be the first movie that ever made its audience jump with a title that simply says 'Tuesday.'"
– Janet Maslin, The New York Times