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Preceded by filmed introduction and restoration demonstration by Martin Scorsese

(1948, Powell & Pressburger)  Inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen tale (the literal basis for the legendary 14-minute climactic ballet) this is “the most elaborate backstage musical ever filmed” (Pauline Kael) with Love and Art, personified by composer Marius Goring and impresario Anton Walbrook, contending for the heart of dancer – and first time actress – Moira Shearer. The Archers’ greatest triumph, THE RED SHOES gets stronger with each passing year. 



“A rhapsody of color expressionism, reaching delirious heights in the ballet scenes.”
– Tony Rayns

"Truly one of the  most beautiful Technicolor films ever made."
– Martin Scorsese

"There was never a screen pairing more magical than Moira Shearer and Technicolor. There are many great works of art about obsession, but this is surely the most gorgeous and haunting."
– Maureen Dowd, The New York Times

"Magnificent! Eye-popping, delirious spectacle! Powell & Pressburger's masterpiece offers us the extraordinary experience of watching the burning commitment to perfection."
– Melissa Anderson, Village Voice



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Q&A with Thelma Schoonmaker, wife of the late Michael Powell, after THE RED SHOES (Recorded February 19, 2010)