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Il prezzo del potere

Director and Spaghetti Western authority Alex Cox will introduce the 7:45 show on Thursday, June 7.

(1969, Tonino Valerii) Dallas, and as a liberal, anti-racist president cavalcades through the town, violence breaks out, with an alleged assassin shot down during a prison transfer. 1963? JFK? No, it’s 1881 and Van Johnson’s President Garfield, with Fernando Rey leading the conspirators. 35mm print courtesy the Cineteca, with subtitles by Sub-ti.



“An amazing film which shows the imaginative freedom possible in the Italian Western.”
– Phil Hardy

"Works on many levels: as an adventure story about a displaced Southerner who fought for the North (a typically conflicted role for Giuliano Gemma, most handsome of all spaghetti western heroes); as an urban detective western (it was shot on the locations of ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST, where Mr. Valerii had been the assistant director); and as political agitprop anticipating David Miller’s EXECUTIVE ACTION and Oliver Stone’s JFK."       
– Alex Cox, The New York Times