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(1978, Michael Cimino) "This is probably one of the few great films of the decade. It's the tale of three Pennsylvanian steelworkers, their life at work, at play (deer-hunting), at war (as volunteers in Vietnam). Running against the grain of liberal guilt and substituting Fordian patriotism, it proposes De Niro as a Ulyssean hero tested to the limit by war. Moral imperatives replace historical analysis, social rituals become religious sacraments, and the sado-masochism of the central (male) love affair is icing on a Nietzschean cake. Ideally, though, it should prove as gruelling a test of its audience's moral and political conscience as it seems to have been for its makers." – Time Out (London). Approx. 183 min. 35mm.



“The fullest screen treatment so far of the mystic bond of male comradeship... It’s an astonishing piece of work, an uneasy mixture of violent pulp and grandiosity, with an enraptured view of the common life – poetry of the commonplace.”
– Pauline Kael

“It is one of the most emotionally shattering films ever made... a heartbreakingly effective fictional machine that evokes the agony of the Vietnam time.” 
– Roger Ebert