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(1928) Between The Gold Rush and City Lights, a lesser-known gem chockablock with more out-and-out slapstick than any of his other features, the Tramp finding himself in a hall of mirrors, a lion’s cage, and on a tightrope overcome by frisky monkeys, as he unwittingly becomes “the hit of the show.” Approx. 72 min. 35mm.



"The Circus is a beautiful film, one for movie cryptologists, for movie purists, for historians, for maiden aunts, for sullen children, for bored parents – and mostly for people who haven't laughed recently.”
– Vincent Canby, The New York Times (1970).

“Because The Circus has no pretensions, it doesn't seem to date – and on its comedy and charm is as strong as it ever was.”
  – William K. Everson

“A screaming delight from fadein to fadeout. It is a howling, hearty, happy, slightly slapstick production wherein the inimitable Charlie gets you more often by a laugh than by a tear. One is kept so constantly in a state of grin, giggle and guffaw at this glorious picturization … even in the moments of pathos -- which don't number nearly as many as did several previous Chaplin vehicles -- one doesn't weep freely. Behind each tear there are at least a dozen laughs"
– New York Daily News