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(1976, François Truffaut) The adventures keep coming for the members of teacher Jean François Stevenin’s class: a boy tells his first dirty joke; a willful girl locked up by her parents broadcasts her hunger via bullhorn; a tot bounces back up after a seven-story drop; and teacher’s wife bears their first child. Truffaut’s special touch with children was never more evident than in this sketch film, an impressionistic view of an eventful school year. Approx. 104 min. 35mm.

Plus extra added attraction! “RENDEZ-NOUS LE GRISBI!” (“Give Back the Loot!”), a live 10-minute playlet featuring the children of  “L'Oiseau Bleu,” a French/English theater company (pictured below)!




"A comedy, a romance, a mystery - in a word: childhood - captured, distilled, and transformed effortlessly from sketchbook to symphony in the hands of a master named François Truffaut."
– Wes Anderson

“Francois Truffaut’s series of sketches on the general theme of the resilience of children turns out to be that rarity – a poetic comedy that’s really funny.” 
– Pauline Kael

“Magical... one of the year’s most intensely, warmly, human films. In that it joins so much of Truffaut’s earlier work: What other contemporary filmmaker is so firmly in touch with the personal rhythms of life?”
– Roger Ebert, 1976