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(1960, John Cassavetes) Anthony Ray digs new girlfriend Lelia Goldoni, but prejudice kicks in when he meets her much darker brother. Cassavetes’ first feature. Preserved by UCLA Film & Television Archive. Approx. 81 min. 35mm.

"ARGUABLY THE FOUNDING WORK OF THE AMERICAN INDEPENDENT CINEMA. Cassavetes's first feature was a one-film American new wave; with his aggressive sincerity and swaggering integrity, Cassavetes became the prototype for the American independent director—the Method actor turned filmmaker."
– J. Hoberman, Village Voice


PULL MY DAISY (1959, Robert Frank & Alfred Leslie) the quintessential Beat movie, written and narrated by Jack Kerouac, starring Allen Ginsberg, Larry Rivers, Gregory Corso, Delphine Seyrig, et al. 30 min. 35mm.

"Remember the beat generation? Here is a perfect parody of it, scripted by the man who invented it, Jack Kerouac. Robert Frank and Alfred Leslie's nonsense comedy blends improvisation and careful construction so well that more than a few serious commentators took the film for pure slice-of-life naturalism—and were properly offended. Fluid and funny."
– Don Drucker, Chicago Reader

"If On the Road was the bible of the Beat Generation, the film Pull My Daisy was a kind of short breviary. With a voice-over narration by Jack Kerouac and the manic participation of Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Peter Orlovsky and others, it takes the more or less formal setting of a social call and tears it into shreds."
 Richard Eder, The New York Times