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Plus Air Guitar Contest!

(2003, Richard Linklater) Jack Black’s aging rocker Dewey Finn lands a new gig – as the substitute teacher at principal Joan Cusack’s stuffy prep school.  When he finds out his students can really rock, math and science are replaced with The Who, Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin, as the newly formed School of Rock prepares for the ultimate Battle of the Bands. Approx. 108 min. 35mm.




"Here is a movie that proves you can make a family film that's alive and well-acted and smart and perceptive and funny -- and that rocks."
– Roger Ebert

"Uncut bliss: It had me buzzing, bopping up and down in my seat, practically pogoing out of the theater playing air guitar. One of the biggest highs I've had at the movies in years!"
– David Edelstein, Slant

"Black is still a happy geek in perpetual overdrive, only now he draws on his musical skill, and his hipster shamelessness, to deliver the acting equivalent of a perfect power chord crunched with a demon smile. The School of Rock is so witty and touching because of its innocent perception that rock, if anything, now belongs in grade school -- that yesterday's thunder riffs are today's kids' stuff. Dewey, after all, is really just an overgrown kid himself."
– Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

"A cathartic class comedy for kids of all sizes, it's Bugsy Malone in rock pomp, Slacker meets Spy Kids."
– Time Out (London)