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(1965) Haunted memories proliferate for Claudia Cardinale, back with new American husband Michael Craig at the gloomy family mansion to dedicate a memorial to her father, dead at Auschwitz — did her now-loony mother and her lover turn him in? And as the lover/now-stepfather accuses, was her relationship with creepily handsome, insinuating brother Jean Sorel more than just ... intense? Location shooting at the nearly 3,000 year old Etruscan city of Volterra sets an eerie tone for Visconti’s austere and enigmatic modern day Electra. The Italian title Vaghe stelle dell’Orsa — “Bright stars of the Bear” — are the opening words of the great poet Giacomo Leopardi’s “Le Ricordanze” (Memories), a lament for lost thoughts of youth in anticipation of death. The original U.S. release title was Sandra (Of a Thousand Delights). Approx. 105 min. DCP.


4K Restoration by Sony Pictures Entertainment in collaboration with Cineteca di Bologna at L'Immagine Ritrovata, Archivio Storico delle Arti Contemporanee di Venezia and The Film Foundation.




****! [4 stars]
[4 stars]
“PURE CINEMA! Visconti’s approach is both classical and modern, etching tableaus of gone-to-seed opulence in high-contrast black and white while incorporating handheld camerawork, zooms and idiosyncratically framed shots. When Cardinale shares the screen with Sorel, their chemistry is almost too potent to bear—which, considering they’re playing siblings, is precisely the point."

– Eric Hynes, Time Out New York

– J. Hoberman, New York Review of Books

“The vast yet stifling, luxurious yet menacing confines of a rural Italian villa are the stagelike setting for this frenzied family drama. With its hard edges and dark shadows, crashing zooms and feline rages, Visconti’s tale is, in effect, a work of Gothic modernism, in which history replaces mythology and madness evokes the blocked-out light of therapy.”
– Richard Brody, The New Yorker

“Visconti gives his native land the turbid and murky climate of a Gothic novel... As the heroine, Claudia Cardinale enjoys the benefit of a face and figure of truly operatic opulence.”
– The New Yorker

“Every new film by Visconti is an exciting event, but Sandra marks his long-awaited return to the operatic exuberance and the emotional grandeur of Senso. This Electra-like story of incestuous passion is set in the crumbling city of Volterra and combines both his visual beauty of photography and decor with the dramatic strength of a Greek tragedy, à la Verdi. The cast includes Jean Sorel, Michael Craig and the legendary Marie Bell as the mad mother addicted to pounding out Cesar Franck on the piano. The star is Claudia Cardinale whom Visconti reveals to us as an extraordinary actress.”
– Third New York Film Festival notes (September 1965)

“Here, as elsewhere, Visconti approaches more than any other modern director the silent film poetry of Murnau and Von Stroheim”
– Phillip Lopate