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Live piano accompaniment by Steve Sterner

(1922, F.W. Murnau) Murnau’s legendary plagiarism of Dracula — a lawsuit suppressed its U.S. screenings for decades — carried its own attar of the crypt, with speeded-up film, reverse negative and Max Schreck’s rat-like “Drac” amply serving up the dread. Approx. 81 min. 35mm.

Also screening Herzog's NOSFERATU (1979). Click here for showtimes.




"Cinema’s most dread-inspiring apparition! In the nearly 92 years since Count Orlok first appeared in Nosferatu (1922), no Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, Freddy Krueger, or Sauron has emerged to challenge the creep-factor of the uncanny Max Schreck’s cadaverous vampire and plague-bringer."
– Graham Fuller, Art Info

“Derives its horror and sense of mystery from setting its sinister story in familiar surroundings among everyday people and events.”
– Ephraim Katz