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(1949) Luminous Setsuko Hara’s very happy taking care of absent-minded professor dad Chishu Ryu — but what if he’s thinking of getting remarried himself? While Ryu’s re-married friend and Hara’s pushy aunt Haruko Sugimura are telling him she should get married herself. Ozu’s first post-war Kinema Jumpo “Best One” winner, one of his own personal favorites, and the perfect introduction to his world. Approx. 108 min. 35mm.




“Central to an understanding of Ozu’s work.”
Time Out (London)

“A perfectly balanced film.”
– Donald Richie

“A REMARKABLE, PIERCING FILM. Central to an understanding of Ozu's work.”
– Time Out New York

“One of the best two or three films Ozu ever made.”
– Roger Ebert

“OZU’S FIRST ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL WORK. A step toward understanding the ripple effects of the postwar age among ordinary citizens—or, if that’s not possible, then at least capturing them in compassionate amber.”
– Michael Atkinson

“inaugurated Ozu’s majestic late period: it's here that he decisively renounces melodrama (and, indeed, most surface action of any kind) and lets his camera settle into the still, long-take contemplation of his gently drawn characters… The sense of loss and regret is beautifully balanced with the optimism of a new life beginning: for Ozu the family unit is not only a network of personal relationships but also the crisis point in the tragedy of time.”
– Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader