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(1960) Daughter Yoko Tsukasa refuses all marriage offers, preferring to stay at home with a single parent — but here Setsuko Hara (the daughter in Late Spring) is the mother and the real emphasis is on the now late husband’s now middle-aged school friends, reminiscing about their own youthful crushes on Hara, and plunging into matchmaking for Tsukasa, and then for Hara herself. Approx. 128 min. 35mm.



"Offers a near-perfect balance between the persuasive pull of tradition and the unstoppable sway of Westernized modernity. Ozu's sociopolitical side surfaces again, subtly but surely, in this portrait of postwar realities rubbing uneasily against their prewar counterparts. And his cinematic skills are as strong as ever, not least in his brilliant casting of Hara, the daughter of Late Spring, as the deeply sympathetic mother here.”
– David Sterritt, Cineaste