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(1974) Riderless horses gallop through dark woods, limbs are hacked, the knights have failed to find the Grail, and Lancelot adulterously loves Guinevere, but otherwise this is a ruthless deconstruction of the legend, with a tournament shot almost entirely of horses’ legs and flags being raised and lowered, the knights always in full, clanking plate armor, all leading up to a devastating final hecatomb.



“The Arthurian legend stripped bare... Stunningly beautiful, mesmerizing, exhausting, uplifting, amazing — all the things you could possibly expect from a masterpiece.”
– Geoff Brown, Time Out (London)

"Belongs with Pickpocket and Au hasard Balthazar at the highest level of Bresson's achievement."
– Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader

"As ravishingly stylized as a painting by Uccello, but hooves and lances suggest gears in a dreamlike machine that generates spurting blood and charred bodies."
– Kristin M. Jones, The Wall Street Journal

"Bresson's style in full flower... A masterpiece of minimalist aggression."
– Jesse Cataldo, Slant Magazine