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Plus Fay Wray Scream-alike contest. Prizes for all!


(1933, Merian C. Cooper & Ernest Schoedstack) “Bring-‘em-back-alive filmmaker Robert Armstrong, with scream queen (and future Film Forum member) Fay Wray in tow, sets out in search of the Ultimate Attraction: The Greatest Ape of Them All.  Plus Fay Wray Scream-alike contest – open to girls and boys 12 and under. Prizes for all! Approx. 100 min. DCP.



“The grand-daddy of all monster movies.”
Total Film

“More than a technical achievement, but a curiously touching fable.
There is something ageless and primeval about King Kong.”

– Roger Ebert

“Still the quintessential pulp saga, capable of popping eyeballs
70-odd years later without the help of computers."

– Michael Atkinson

"A blockbuster among early talkies that has since endured as an icon of movie-ness as well as a treasure trove for cinema studies majors who've dissected its inestimable bounty of sexual, racial, and surreal imagery."
– Jaime N. Christley, Slant Magazine