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(1967, Carlo Lizzani) Lou Castel’s Requiescant stops to pray after a kill, while adoptive man of religion Pier Paolo Pasolini (yes, the Pasolini) shows up to collect the weapons. Stylish Spaghetti by neorealist Lizzani, highlighted by Mark Damon’s misogynist racist, duel by candlelight, and double-noosed showdown. Betacam courtesy the Cineteca, with subtitles by Sub-ti.



“A deeply weird, unconventional Western with remarkable imagery and intense performances. The political aspect is given extra weight by the presence of Pier Paolo Pasolini, as the revolutionary priest Don Juan, and several  members of that director’s repertory company in supporting roles. Bizarrely, Pasolini was viewed by the financiers as a ‘popular’ element, who would counterbalance some of the lesser-known actors. This was good news for Lizzani, who still had to struggle to persuade Pasolini to act in his film: he ended up paying him, not in cash, but with a Ferrari… Morbid, strange, frequently funny, Requiescant recalls Django Kill, which also teems with religious symbols and characters beyond the verge of madness.”
– Alex Cox