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with a classic Little Rascals sound short of the 1930s

♪ Live piano accompaniment by Steve Sterner

(1932, Ozu) Two boys – the younger played by Ozu child great Tokkankozo – go on a hunger strike when they see their dad toadying to his boss. One of the great silent comedies and Ozu’s first Best Film Award winner. Approx. 100 min. 35mm.



"Ozu's portrait is steeped in the blissful self-absorption of youth and also fixated on schoolyard codes of conduct, his protagonists' interactions with each other, their peers and grown-ups laced with behind-the-back funny faces and unspoken mores. A BUOYANT COMEDY!"
– Nick Schager, The Village Voice

"A silent film that doesn't feel silent at all. I Was Born, But… commands your attention with the authority of a great work of art. Every character—not just the boys and their parents but the bullies, the teacher, the sake delivery boy—is deftly sketched, comical, and real. A basic, direct style makes these boys' adventures, and their heartbreak, feel as fresh as if it all took place just yesterday."
– Dana Stevens, Slate

"From its opening image of a spinning wheel stuck in the mud to its succession of expertly composed and timed reaction shots, I Was Born, But... shows Ozu at the height of his subtle comic powers. There’s also a visual elegance to the storytelling, achieved through rigorous editing techniques. Ozu relies mostly on action and expression (intertitles are infrequent, as in much silent Ozu) to tell this alternately sly and sympathetic story."
– Michael Koresky, The Criterion Collection