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(1964, Guy Hamilton) Sean Connery’s James Bond 007 squares off against Gert Frobe’s eponymous master criminal; while dodging torture by laser and steel-belted hat from Japanese sidekick “Oddjob” – and not dodging Honor Blackman’s Pussy Galore or the tragically golden-hued Shirley Eaton.



"A great entertainment that contains all the elements of the Bond formula that would work again and again... It probably contains more durable images than any other title in the series: the young woman killed by being coated with gold paint; the steel-rimmed bowler of the mute Korean assassin Odd Job; the Aston-Martin tricked out with deadly gimmicks and an ejector seat; Bond's sexy karate match with Pussy Galore; the villain Goldfinger with his gold-plated Rolls-Royce, and of course the laser beam pointed at that portion of Bond's lower anatomy that he most required if he were to continue as hero of the series."
– Roger Ebert

"Any kid growing up in the early ’60s will remember this one for several reasons: Shirley Bassey's screamer of a theme; Bond’s shocking use of a beautiful girl as a human shield; bullion-obsessed baddie Auric Goldfinger’s top hat-wielding henchman, Oddjob; Honor Blackman’s risquely monikered Pussy Galore; and, above all, Bond’s stupendous, gadget-infested silver Aston Martin DB5, the car that spurred a thousand Corgi purchases."
– Derek Adams, Time Out (London)