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(1959) Ganjiro Nakamura brings his third-rate Kabuki troupe to a tiny fishing village, home to old flame Haruko Sugimura and their son, to the jealous rage of Nakamura’s present partner and co-star Machiko Kyo — who has a plan for ingénue Ayako Wakao and that “nephew.” Ozu’s remake of his own silent hit (see June 15), with atmospheric color photography by the great Kazuo Miyagawa. Approx. 119 min. 35mm.



“The most physically beautiful of all of Ozu’s pictures.” – Donald Richie

“The sheer beauty of Ozu's exquisite (and typically eccentric) compositions and the expressive use of sound tell all you need know about the characters, their emotions and relationships.  Right from the opening montage of lighthouse shots, the director mixes formal playfulness -  resulting in many lovely subtle visual gags - with near abstract painterly elegance,  doing justice to light-hearted and serious material alike.”
Time Out (London)

Floating Weeds is like a familiar piece of music that I can turn to for reassurance and consolation. It is so atmospheric--so evocative of a quiet fishing village  during a hot and muggy summer--that it envelops me… When you see Ozu’s films, you feel in the arms of a serenely confident and caring master. In his stories about people who live far away, you recognize, in one way or another, everyone you know.”
– Roger Ebert

“Subtle, lyrical, and delicately bittersweet, Floating Weeds offers an excellent introduction to the cinema of Yasujiro Ozu…  Ozu in Floating Weeds tells us a story, but at the same time he brings it to us through a child’s eyes. We cannot ask more of a film artist.”
– David Ehrenstein