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(1970, Bob Rafelson) “Hold it between your knees.” Oilfield roustabout/piano virtuoso Jack Nicholson gives a lesson in diner etiquette; alternates between trashy Karen Black and classy Susan Anspach; and tosses off a few easy pieces by Chopin, in “one of the best American films for years…Nicholson’s performance was one of the great charismatic ones” (David Shipman).



"It was Easy Rider's success that greenlit Five Easy Pieces—but director Bob Rafelson and screenwriter Carole Eastman's film is totally human, trading Rider's counterculture mytho-poetics for a study in the charisma of disdain (which Nicholson personifies) and how rebellion and loutishness are often indistinguishable. Set against the stillness of cinematographer László Kovács's luminous landscapes, it's a great work of the Discover America Seventies."
– Nick Pinkerton, Village Voice

"A brilliant gem of American psychological realism."
– Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York