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(1951) Setsuko Hara’s three-generational live-together family think they’ve got just the right marriage prospect for the independent, post-war woman, but, happy hanging out with her fellow single pals, she’s got ideas of her own. Kinema Jumpo “Best One” winner. Approx. 124 min. 35mm.



“Ozu’s characteristic blend of tones—humor, melancholy, yearning, resignation, serenity—here achieves perhaps its greatest richness… Ozu’s ensemble plot portrays the relentlessness of passing time and the way it strains and frays human ties. The social networks we have sampled—the family and friends whom we have come to love—turn out to embody a grand cycle of life. And Ozu’s characters come to accept that rhythm of change with a good-humored, slightly troubled tranquility.”
– David Bordwell

“With a larger canvas than the intensive focus of Late Spring and a looser structure than the exacting symmetry of Tokyo Story, Early Summer feels freer, wider, more open even as it evinces the full-fledged mastery of the mature Ozu.”
– Reverse Shot

“The camera is surprisingly mobile at times, but what really impresses is the use of omission and repetition. Intriguingly, we're kept in the dark as to what Hara is missing out on, while a simple shot of the sky, devoid of a balloon seen earlier, speaks volumes about loss, tolerance and resignation.”
– Time Out London 

“Filled with character insight and implicit social criticism.”
– Donald Richie