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(1956) Tokyo sarariman Ryo Ikebe, bored with job and wife, dallies with office colleague Keiko Kishi’s “Goldfish” — or does he? Nosy colleagues want to know. But there’s a transfer to the provinces in store, with brilliant opening montage of everyone’s lousy Monday morning commute. Approx. 144 min. 35mm.




“Filled with character insight and implicit social criticism.”
– Donald Richie

"Throughout, Ozu finds dramatic depths in quiet, ordinary lives. And during the time that you spend with these people—the span of the movie—you really feel that you've come to know them well, to understand why their relationships do or don't develop. Their emotions or hidden instincts are brilliantly revealed through small details. With subtle precision, Ozu shows how personal and national anxieties seep through infinite lives. Yet this impeccably acted movie is far from depressing, since the filmmaker stresses that mistakes aren't irreversible."
–  The New York Times