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NEW 35mm RESTORATION!(1982, Steven Spielberg) "A sublime modern fairy tale that, if anything, looks subtler, darker, and more intimate now than it did in 1982. The friendship between Elliott (Henry Thomas), aching for a dream he doesn't know he's been missing, and the cuddly-ugly space munchkin he names E.T. is one of the timeless bonds of movie history. Yet it is something else as well: a vision of a boy who spends an entire film becoming best friends with a special effect. E.T., a ticklish and yearning poem of wonder, is a great movie, but in bringing to life an otherworldly creature more expressive than most actors, Spielberg presaged a cinematic era in which the artificial would begin to trump the human. That said, E.T. is ultimately a tale of love, and the film becomes a cathartic leap into pure feeling." – Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly. Approx. 115 min. NOTE: This new 35mm print restores the original 1982 version – after being politically-corrected in 2002.



“Bathed in warmth and it seems to clear all the bad thoughts out of your head… It reminds you of the goofiest dreams you had as a kid, and rehabilitates them. It puts a spell on the audience; it’s genuinely entrancing… A children's classic of the space age.”
– The New York Times