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(1966, Sergio Corbucci) Horseless, dark-clad, blazingly blue-eyed Franco Nero enters dragging a coffin through the inches-thick mud of a crummy town fought over by red-hooded clansmen and a flock of bandidos. Original of 30+ official and unofficial sequels. Reservoir Dogs’ infamous ear-cutting scene was a direct reference. HD



"More violent and pessimistic than anything before it... Relentless, surrealistically cruel and crazy, it is a film I’ve seen several times; it never disappoints."
– Alex Cox

“Rates alongside Leone's 'Dollars' trilogy as one of the daddies of the spaghetti/paella Western… Corbucci's style is a mix of social realism, highly decorative visuals, and finely mounted action sequences. For the rest, there are enough mud-wrestling prostitutes, whippings, ear-loppings, explosions and scenes of wholesale slaughter to keep any muchacho happy. Funny, visceral, bloody, no-nonsense entertainment with a touch of class.”
– Time Out (London)

“The most influential Italian Western… Corbucci’s rhetorical style crates a dreamlike mood which softens the film’s brutality.”
– Phil Hardy

"Screams to be seen! On DJANGO, which inspired one official sequel (in 1987) and bred some thirty unofficial offspring, Corbucci perfected the blunt graphic style and simplistic (a)moral tone that characterizes Spanish-language Western comic books, though its pessimistic streak betokens existentialism."
– Graham Fuller, Artinfo
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