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Starring W.C. Fields and Freddie Bartholomew

(1935, George Cukor) Freddie Bartholomew’s David contends with Stepfather-from-Hell Basil Rathbone, while Fields’ Mr. Micawber waits for something “to turn up,” in producer David O. Selznick’s labor-of-love Dickens adaptation. Approx 130 min. 35mm.



“An exemplary adaptation of Dickens' classic, condensing the novel's sprawl with careful clarity, and yielding up a host of terrific performances from its superb cast. Pride of place, of course, goes to Fields as Micawber, refusing to conceal his American accent, relishing the verbal gems, and for once allowing us to inspect the heart of tarnished gold that lay beneath his crusty exterior.
One of those rare things: a blend of Art and Hollywood that actually works.” 

– Geoff Andrews, Time Out (London)

“Fields was born to play Micawber—that rare combination of the personality and the part.”
– George Cukor

"This small miracle of compression not only conveys the spirit of Dickens better than the screen has normally managed but is a particularly pleasing example of Hollywood's handling of literature and the deployment of a great studio's resources. It also overfloews with memorable character cameos, and it was a box office giant."
– Leslie Halliwell

"The most profoundly satisfying screen manipulation of a great novel that the camera has ever given us."
– André Sennwald

"Perhaps the finest casting of all time."
– Basil Wright