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Introduced by Julie Kavanagh and Liesl Schillinger

(1936, George Cukor) “His eyes have made love to me all evening.” Greta Garbo’s tubercular courtesan Marguerite Gautier falls for Robert Taylor’s naive, but gorgeous, young suitor Armand Duval, despite the admonitions of his father Lionel Barrymore, in quintessential Hollywood adaptation of Dumas fils’ novel The Lady of the CamelliasApprox. 109 min. 35mm print courtesy of the ConstellationCenter Collection at the Academy Film Archive.

Introduced by Julie Kavanagh, author of The Girl Who Loved Camellias, a biography of Marie Duplessis, the novel’s inspiration, and Liesl Schillinger, author of a new translation of the original novel.

Ms. Kavanagh’s book (published by Knopf) and Liesl Schillinger’s new translation of the novel (published this month by Penguin Classics) will both be available for sale at our concession tonight. A book signing will follow the film.




“One of the marvels of American cinema... I don’t see how it could be better.”
– Kevin Brownlow

“Camille is for Garbo’s most discerning admirers her most accomplished portrayal.”
– Andrew Sarris



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CAMILLE: Intro by Julie Kavanagh & Liesl Schillinger (Recorded July 1, 2013)