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in association with Cultural Services of the French Embassy, L’Institut Français,
Rialto Pictures and Janus Films

ROBERT BRESSON (1901-1999) was one of the most austere of filmmakers: the use of non-professional actors from early on; a sober if often beautiful camera style; carefully orchestrated narration, sound effects, and often classical music; elliptical storytelling, often adapted from distinguished literary works... But in his very quiet way he achieved works of passion and even suspense, while constantly observing the mysterious movements of divine grace.

We are most grateful to James Quandt of TIFF Cinematheque, Toronto, for his passionate dedication to this project.

Special thanks also to Delphine Selles (French Cultural Services, New York), Anne-Catherine Louvet
(L’Institut Français, Paris), Eric DiBernardo, Adrienne Halpern (Rialto Pictures), Sarah Finklea (Janus Films), Jake Perlin (The Film Desk), Haden Guest (Harvard Film Archive), Olivia Colbeau (Gaumont, Paris), Florence Dauman (Argos Films), Mag Bodard, and Mylène Bresson.



– Dave Kehr, The New York Times

"Radically innovative and wondrously cinematic, Bresson's films have inspired countless artists, from French New Wave directors to young filmmakers working today... Viewers who have only seen Bresson's most famous works may find his other films a revelation."
– Kristin M. Jones, The Wall Street Journal
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"An exceedingly rare opportunity to see Bresson’s films projected on the big screen... The more of his aesthetic and worldview you absorb, the more of it you want to see."
– Andrew O'Hehir, Salon
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"Bresson's films are an argument not just for the cinema, but also for life itself."
– Nick Pinkerton, Village Voice
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"Bresson’s films are among the most seductive in the history of cinema. From Diary of a Country Priest to L’Argent, no image is inconsequential, no sound incidental, no cut invisible. He made the film experience as critical as the subjects that absorbed him... It’s hard to think of a better way to start out the New Year."
– Tony Pipolo, Artforum
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