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(1966) A little donkey is suckled by its mother, then “baptized” Balthazar; a girl and boy say goodbye at the end of summer: a vision of paradise. Years pass and the now-teenaged Marie (Anne Wiazemsky, later Godard’s wife and star) finds herself drifting into more and more destructive situations, while the animal moves from owner to owner, some kind, some cruel, some drunkenly careless. 



"BRESSON'S SUPREME MASTERPIECE! Heart-breaking and magnificent... Bringing together all Bresson’s highly developed ideas about acting, sound, and editing, as well as grace, redemption, and human nature, Balthazar is understated and majestic, sensuous and ascetic, ridiculous and sublime... Transforms the death of a donkey into the most tragic and sublime cinematic passage I know."
– J. Hoberman, Village Voice

"Bresson's most sublime and devastating vision."
– Kristin M. Jones, The Wall Street Journal

“BRESSON'S GREATEST FILM! One of the masterpieces of the 20th century.”
– Molly Haskell

“ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT! One of the most significant events of the cinema.”
– Jean-Luc Godard

“Extraordinary sensuality... It stands by itself.”
– Andrew Sarris

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