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This portrait of groundbreaking director, actor, and artist André Gregory by Cindy Kleine (who is also his wife) is a delightful, ruminative appreciation of one man’s life and work. A brilliant and often hilariously funny raconteur, Gregory discusses the making of MY DINNER WITH ANDRÉ (1981), written by and starring Gregory and Wallace Shawn and directed by Louis Malle. He speaks warmly of his lifelong friendship with Shawn (also collaborators on the movie VANYA ON 42nd STREET and a recent production of Ibsen’s The Master Builder), and his problematic relationship with his European parents, described as “Jews who forgot to tell their children they were Jews” and, “like the insane rulers of a little Balkan country.” Gregory throws in a dash of film noir as he investigates the possibility that his enigmatic father might have been an economic agent for the Nazis. André Gregory is a master storyteller, whose own life encompasses compelling passions, fears, and mysteries worthy of his theatrical mentors.                              

Gregory and Shawn team up again for two plays by Shawn, The Designated Mourner and Grasses of a Thousand Colors, which Gregory will direct at the Public Theater, opening in June and October respectively.

USA • 2012 • 108 MINS. • CINEMA GUILD




“An indelible, gripping documentary portrait by his wife, Cindy Kleine…During the film’s scenes of Mr. Gregory at work, his theatrical direction suggests hocus-pocus conjuring... BEFORE AND AFTER DINNER, which includes wonderful excerpts from that film (MY DINNER WITH ANDRÉ), feels almost like a sequel. (Gregory) is a spellbinding raconteur who exudes the same sorcerer-like aura that he emanates while directing Ibsen. His tone is confidential but genial, and you have the vaguely uneasy feeling of being manipulated by an extremely charming trickster… (with) a dry, slightly sinister cackle.”
– Stephen Holden, The New York Times
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“(A) gentle, affectionate profile… Gregory’s impact is most felt onstage, freeing up grateful actors in a live environment.”
– Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York

“An extraordinary new documentary. Engaging and funny.”
– Jeremy Gerard, Bloomberg

“André Gregory is a born storyteller. A moving and emotional love story, or rather a set of them – about Gregory’s relationship with the theater, with collaborators, and, most importantly, with his wife.”
– Craig Hubert,

“Thoroughly delightful. Gregory’s tale-spinning fluency dazzles just as much as it did in Louis Malle’s MY DINNER WITH ANDRÉ, but this time with a wry familiarity all Kleine’s own. Juxtaposes work and biography with wondrous open-endedness, and should enchant fans as well as those new to the table. Kleine offers tantalizing glimpses of the helmer’s greatest hits, chief among them his celebrated ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ which ran for seven years in the 1970s.”
– Ronnie Scheib, Variety

“A rare glimpse of the artist in his personal environment.”
– Nicholas Bell,

“A bold, courageous, frequently haunting profile of maverick stage director André Gregory, beautifully conceived (and directed) by his wife, Cindy Kleine. What (she) shows us, on a foundational level, is a man still haunted by his bizarre childhood… The extremity of the Gregory family’s psycho-emotional pathology could have gone one of two ways… What the film suggests ever so delicately is that Gregory found artistic deliverance.”
– Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide