Wednesday, June 16 – Tuesday, July 13, 2010
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The New York Times

“PICK FOR THE WEEK! Kate Davis and David Heilbroner's taut documentary compellingly evokes the 'Rosa Parks moment' of the gay-rights movement.”
TIME Magazine

This riveting, powerful documentary… packs quite a punch into its brief running time, presenting not only a recollection of a pivotal moment in the gay-rights movement, but also a concise history of American attitudes toward homosexuality.”
– Miranda Siegel, New York magazine

“Now the stuff of legend. Fresh and fascinating.”
– Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

“An absolute must-see! You’ll swell with gratitude and joy as the pride spreads like wildfire through the city, as it continues to do to this day.”
– Jonathan Roche, Metrosource

“Astounding detail! Lively. Cohesive, well-structured… boasts a panoply of found footage, graphically positioning the uprising as a flashpoint following decades of repression.”
– Ronnie Scheib, Variety

– Andrew Schenker, L Magazine

“Kate Davis and David Heilbroner’s essential new history of the events and repercussions of the Stonewall riots is about as expert a piece of analytic documentary filmmaking as can be conceived…a film with the lovely attribute of providing more than you expect at every turn. The filmmakers masterfully unpack the cultural mores and revolutionary undercurrents of the ‘60s that led to the explosive mix of bigotry, passion, fear and politics that coalesced outside Greenwich Village’s Stonewall Inn on June 28, 1969.”
– Arthur Ryel-Lindsey,

Photo by Bettye Lane
Photo by Bettye Lane

“It was the Rosa Parks moment,” says one man. June 28, 1969: NYC police raid a Greenwich Village Mafia-run gay bar, The Stonewall Inn. For the first time, patrons refuse to be led into paddy wagons, setting off a 3-day riot that launches the Gay Rights Movement. Told by Stonewall patrons, Village Voice reporters and the cop who led the raid, STONEWALL UPRISING compellingly recalls the bad old days when psychoanalysts equated homosexuality with mental illness and advised aversion therapy, and even lobotomies; public service announcements warned youngsters against predatory homosexuals; and police entrapment was rampant. A treasure-trove of archival footage gives life to this all-too-recent reality, a time when Mike Wallace announced on a 1966 CBS Reports: “The average homosexual, if there be such, is promiscuous. He is not interested in, nor capable of, a lasting relationship like that of a heterosexual marriage.” At the height of this oppression, the cops raid Stonewall, triggering nights of pandemonium with tear gas, billy clubs and a small army of tactical police. The rest is history.


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